The Digital STEAM Program

Digitalization is becoming the new normal for how we learn and interact with each other. Building Youth Through Music/WayOut Kids creates high quality educational programs designed to entertain youth and involve them in learning activities through nontraditional information delivery.

Digital STEAM Program Science

The Program

We will use the funds to support student learning by developing a series (fifty two weeks) of digital short STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and fitness lessons accompanied with short lesson plans schools can use as part of a digital afterschool/wraparound services program and parents can use at home.

Digital STEAM Program Fitness
Digital STEAM Environmental Science


The program will be available to students at home through any device (computer, cell phone, etc.) or downloaded through an application.

Digital STEAM Arts Music

With varied activities, this program will interest all students, regardless or racial or socio-economic background.