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Rodney Raccoon T-Shirt

Rock a Rodney Raccoon shirt! Free Shipping!

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Rochelle Raccoon T-Shirt

Rochelle Raccoon has style and more style! Free Shipping!

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Tami Tiger "Girls Kick Butt!" Hoodie

Girls Kick Butt! in this Hoodie so make way! Light grey color. Free Shipping.

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Rodney Raccoon Blue & White Hoodie

Stylish Rodney Raccoon hoodie. Free Shipping!

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Rodney Raccoon Hoodie

This Rodney Hoodie is sure to turn heads on the playground! Free Shipping!!

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Rodney Basketball Hoodie

It’s a slam dunk when you rock this Rodney Basketball Hoodie! Free Shipping.

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Rodney Raccoon Water Bottle $20

There’s no better pal than a Rodney Raccoon Water Bottle to stay hydrated! Featuring a different Rodney design on each side! Free Shipping!


Boogie Bear Water Bottle $20

Boogie is Rodney’s best pal and they are always up to something! Free Shipping!


Basketball Rodney Water Bottle $20

Rodney Raccoon loves all kinds of activities including basketball. Get your water bottle featuring two different Rodney designs. Free Shipping


Tami Tiger Water Bottle $20

Get your Tami Tiger Water Bottle it’s all the rage! Featuring a different Tami design on each side! Free Shipping!

Tami-Soccer-Water Web

Tami Tiger Girls Kick Butt! Water Bottle

Tami Tiger says Girls Kick Butt! so make way! Featuring a different Tami design on each side! Free Shipping!


Rochelle Raccoon Water Bottle $20

Rochelle is always stylish and ready for adventure! Featuring two different Rochelle designs. Free Shipping!


$30.00 + Free Shipping

Steam Path Workbook

WayOut Kids’ STEAM PATH workbook is filled with teacher approved curriculum and activities all based on the concept of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Several activities and lessons are attached to our STEAM CREW video series which can be accessed through the QR Codes located on the pages. You can watch our series, “STEAM CREW”, which you can find on our YouTube channel, “Rodn“Rodney Raccoon”.
It's Christmas Rodney Raccoon

It's Christmas Song

It’s a new kids favorite Christmas song, just in time for Christmas!!

Special Delivery Book



Special Delivery Kids Fun Attention Grabbing Adventure Book

An Attention Grabbing Adventure – When Rodney Raccoon and friends are given a mission from Professor Batfish, it’s a race against the clock to travel through the woods and under the sea to arrive at the final dome before the clock strikes three.

I like to Read Rodney Raccoon's Hit Viral Song

I like to Read Song

Rodney’s hit song from his book “I Like to Read” is taking the world by storm, proving that if you like to read, then that’s alright!

The Rodney Quake Kids Dance Song

The Rodney Quake Song

Rodney’s Hit Bangin’ Dance Track will have the kids dancing and moving.

I like to Read Book Fun Educational Kids Book

I Like to Read Book

There’s an adventure in every page you read with Rodney Raccoon and his friends! Read the book Rodney’s hit song “I Like to Read” is based on!

Learn with Rodney CD Learn Colors

Learn with Rodney CD

Songs on this CD help kids learn their colors, spelling, counting by 10’s, addition and more. Plus Rodney’s hit song “Do the Rodney!”

Learn Spanish and English CD Bilingual Fun for Kids

Learn Spanish and English CD

Songs on this CD help kids learn their colors, their ABC’s, counting to 10,  and various words in both English and Spanish

Come Along and Play

Come Along and Play Song

Come along and play with Rodney’s fun song

I wanna be Green Kids Environmental Song

I wanna be Geen Song

Being Green has never been so cool as Rodney explains in his Hit Song!

Elementary Hip-Hop CD Big Fun for Kids

Elementary Hip-Hop CD

Up-beat, attention grabbing music that teaches your kids to count, exercise, the 12 months of the year and more. Plus Rodney’s hit song “Rock your ABC’s”
Go Green DVD 3 Disk Set Enviro-Fun

Go Green DVD 3 Disk Set (Education)

This 3 Disk DVD set is a Fun Enviro-Adventure that teaches kids kids how to take care of our environment, how to reduce polluted runoff and more. Great for school districts and daycares!